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We live in two worlds now.
Reality and the internet.
In which world do you spend the most time?


--> Digital detox, retreats, adventures and events in the wild.

--> Accommodation in the wilderness.

We want to create a place where time stands still and we can take a break from civilisation. A place where people can meet themselves and others in a stress-free environment. A place where the soul can rest and refuel with energy and inspiration.


When you come to us, you disconnect from the outside world and instead reconnect to yourself, to nature, to community and new experiences. We give you a break from screens, everyday life, stress & to be constantly available. You hand in your phone when you arrive and get it back when you go home.


Our goal is to always give you an unforgettable experience.

No Connection has most of its operations in beautiful Navardalen, which is 3 miles north of Älvdalen, Northern Dalarna. 





You now have the unique opportunity to join Nordic Nomad on his wilderness retreat this summer.



Experience the enchanted nature and freedom in the beautiful and wild Navardalen this summer.



A close-to-nature retreat for women with a focus on community, relaxation & adventure.


Bo i stuga i skogen, mysig stuga i naturen, Äventyrsresor Älvdalen, Dalarna



A little paradise of your own in the middle of the forest. This cabin is not located in Navardalen.




Stay in this super cozy cottage in Navardalen with 5 creatively furnished rooms. Up to 12 people can stay here.




Stay right next to Navardalen's beach in this cozy little cottage with a double bed and wood burning stove.


"Everyday life reminds me strongly but I keep my door open and if I stop and listen I can still hear the drum from the wilderness.

Navardalen is a magical place, everyone who wants to get in touch with their senses and emotions should do to step into this space for a weekend. Beyond time and space, be present in yourself and in nature, breathe and experience. Wilderness, adventure and tranquility framed by fire, bathing, good food and amazing women."

-  Cecilia, Wild Women


When we rush and stress, it is easy to think that we live forever. We take each other and life for granted, forget to appreciate, forget to live and do things we love. Never has everything been so readily available, yet we are unhappier than ever.

We live in a busy society now and that doesn't seem to be changing.

We often strive to be successful instead of happy.

There is so much information and opinions. What is right and what is wrong. 11-year-olds talks about politics and teenagers can buy hard drugs with a click. How long will children be children.

But the accessibility we have in our phones is also amazing. Especially in the times we had behind us and have in front of us. Communication and all that important stuff that really makes a difference.

Constant access to information, news updates and your friends' internet life will always be a part of us now. The busy society too. But don't forget that everything you see online is not real. You are fine just the way you are.

Don't forget to sometimes take a break and stop. Be present when your partner asks you to. Put the phone down when your head hurts. Lift your head, look at the stars, rest and breathe.

We want people to have an opportunity to disconnect from phones, stress, the outside world and everyday life and instead reconnect with themselves. Find motivation and inspiration, and above all appreciate yourself and life a little more. Play, adventure, hang out, fire. discover, experience, be present and so much more.

Live and experience now, it won't last forever.​

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